Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It has been awhile since I last wrote in here. I have been taking a break. To rethink things with my business at hand. To better understand it and to become a more viable player in the field of MLM. Things happen for a reason not quite sure why but we all do our best to strive to become some one of importance. We push so hard that we forget what is of more importance to our self and to others. I come to realize that it takes one person to give you that chance to become someone of good standings. Then it progresses to many. People think that you just sit there selling tons of stuff that you are well off. But in reality you are struggling just as much as the next person figuring out how they have become so successful. Trying and doing is 2 different things. Trying is going only half way. But doing is going 100 percent.  What makes me tick is my family. When I see there dreams it makes me wonder where all the time has gone. And it makes me strive to become a better father and a husband. To make me work harder to achieve that goal for them.  I have wonderful bunch of friends that have belief in me.  That have seen me develop into the MLM mind of things. I can not thank them enough for helping me achieve that. Can't thank my wife and kids enough for being understanding through it all as well.  But in closing I am back to help people understand the meaning of being healthy and to give people the chance to make money at the same time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The makings of becoming a leader

It has been awhile since I last wrote in Blogger but here is goes. Last few months I have been increasing my value as a team leader in my own company and the people I have interacted with. I have not made a name for myself which I am not trying to do but if it happens so be it. I do not bullshit when it comes to people's money or life. I will tell you how it is and how you can remedy it. I do not know everything and I do give credit to people when it is do in my conversations. What it means to me is that people are understanding where I am coming from and know that when I tell them something that I am speaking truth and not false. I want people to know that I am there for them if they need to talk and need help in any situation. I enjoy helping people and I may not get paid to do it but I have always taken a lead in things and do it to the fullest of my capabilities. Most of the questions I am asked are the same ones I have asked in the last 5 months. and the answer is the one I am given and know to be true. To lead by example one must always take advice and be able to put it to use. It can be the wrong advice but that is up to the individual to either apply it or seek advice and see what the right answer is. I have sent a lot of people my downline group info to take a look at and some of you  I have not. Because I add new people each day. I like reading what all of the people I follow post. I may not like it or comment. But I like to keep myself updated on what people like to do with there free time and to interact with them. Cause one it makes you look good as a person that you are taking time out of your schedule to talk to them about there interest. Two they are more willing to listen to what you have to say about your business. And three you have made a new friend even if they decide that they don't want to do the business. To lead people you must make your mistakes before you can become a leader. And to become a leader you must know the ins and outs of things and keep yourself updated on all new things that are happening in the industry you are in cause it can change over night. And you must be able to give this info to the people that your leading so they can become leaders as well. But that is what it means to me to become a leader. If you disagree then leave me a comment.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The importance of drinking a healthy energy drink with water over a soda, energy drink, and etc.

Why is it important to eat and drink in this age of wonders. Well kids and adults alike are drinking tons of soda, energy drinks that have side effects, and juices that have more sugar in them to rot your teeth. For instance my wife use to drink a lot of soda and not a lot of water. She would fill up with water and wonder where it was all coming from. Plus get headaches from caffeine with drawl from soda. With all the sodium in sodas does not do you justice and the sugars. Then we got into the health business of Healthy Energy Drinks with REVVNRG. She still drinks soda but in moderation now. And then there is the fast food industry. We all see the the harmful effects of what grease, the additives they put into there foods and such and we still keep going to these places why. The biggest reason cause it taste good, cheaper to get a pre made meal already done for us, and we are too lazy to make our own meal. So we go get something that is fast, easy and unhealthy for us. But if you think about how all the healthy stuff in the markets and such. You are spending the same exact amount of money if not less than what you would at a fast food place. Even if you were to get it off the dollar menu. What I am trying to say is that we all are trying to pinch pennies these days and to make money last. We all want something healthy in our diet but we think it is too expensive to get it. But the thing is there is things out there that are reasonably priced in every ones budget to get something healthy into there diet. Even if it is fruit or vegetables, or eating fish or chicken. There is many possible ways of doing this. Just like with soda There are so many healthy things out there for you to drink. And some are just free. Like Water for example. It comes right out of the tap. We all buy certain things to make it taste better. But we want something to replace what we don't have. What if i said I can give you the taste, the caffeine, the nutrients, and added bonus in all of this. Help you lose weight, help with stress, help you fight fatigue, helps your metabolism, help fight virus, and help you focus. all of this in a energy drink you say. Well yes. I have only been in this business for a short time. But from the start I have taken the product and I tell you it helps you tremendously. This is a side business for me and I do Retail Construction for a living and I work nights so I take this product every day. I get everything from these health products. But in closing I hope this tells you why I am in the health business. Cause I don't want my own family to fall illness to being over weight, getting sick cause there immune system is down, or not eating correctly. I hope you are the same way. Here is my site info if you want to take a look at it.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What does it mean to me to be a affiliate of REVVNRG

Well what it means to me is that I get to try all the products that come out. I get them at wholesale.  I get great compensation with REVVNRG. Plus I get added bonuses as a group and as a individual. Plus if you get up in rank they will give you free money, car allowance, paid trips. There is many possibilities that this company helps you. It means working as a team and being there for your people that are under you. you are only as good as the person under you. They are what brings your talent out and they follow suit. Cause they see you as a leader and want to be just like you. If you have passion, heart and a soul for what you do. People will follow you cause they will have the same things. That is the reason why I am a Affiliate of REVVNRG. I am my own boss, I help others achieve the same thing, I am there for my team, and we all want something out of life. For me it is to be home with my family.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What does a healthy alternative energy drink mean to me and to the people I sell it too.

Well it means to me that people can start getting healthy by still getting the daily amount of fruits, vegetables, healthy sugars, antioxidants, vitamins, weight loss agents, helps your metabolism, and helps increase your stanima, stress relief, and healthy dose of caffeine. Of course you would also get depending on the drink you intake as well. Like the Classic has all of the above of what I mentioned, but you get a lot more with the focus and immune. For instance with the Focus you get all of the benefits of what I just said and then you get the ability to increase your memory management by you being able to focus on your task and to remember things better. This drink helps with  Alzheimer’s. So there is a lot of benefits with just the Focus. And the last drink is Immune and it helps with what I said in the first sentence but it also helps fighting viruses before they get the chance to start. And what this drink means to me when I work is that I increase my performance 100% then what it was and get to be fueled with a healthy drink instead of drinking soda, other energy drinks, not getting the right dose of what is needed in my diet. If your interested in looking at my Group I have started for a downline please come and take a look.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Is REVVNRG so important to me and my family now.

We all have things that are important to us at all times. We express these things through communication like writing, videos, and talking. Well I have many things that are important to me and REVVNRG is one of them. The reason why it is important to me is that I see a future that can be endless. With REVVNRG they have established connections in certain countries but not all. So the market for REVVNRG is endless cause with the other countries not opened as of yet is potential people that can make money in those countries once opened. That is the reason why I am in REVVNRG cause you can have 1000's of people under you and they have thousands of people under them to where everyone is making a profit right from there own doorstep. The only thing is you need to know is how to run a computer, Know how to advertise your business. Know how to communicate with these people and keep that friendship. And you have a lead, a partner, and a friendship that will last if you take the right building materials to make it last. And that is because REVVNRG makes it a point in telling all of there new affiliates That to get business with people you must make a friendship with them. To make it a team and to work it as a team. To become a leader to them so they can do the same thing you do.  If you are given the right steps with anything your steps are easy. I am here to help any individual that will take the time to listen and likewise back to them. I am not about me. Cause I will never go anywhere if I did that with REVVNRG. But that is why REVVNRG is so important to me. Cause you get a healthy energy drink and you also get to get a great person to teach you how to build your team and to be there for you when you need the help. My Uplink Davy Spurlock is a great teacher and has helped me a lot. That is why I stick with REVVNRG and I am here to stay and build my team not just for me but for everyone as long as they put a effort into it as well. So everyone can have a down line. I am also excepting new recruits on Facebook. My link is

Once we hit 50 people We will start the down line. Everyone will get 4 people to there downline. once all 50 people have been used in the down line we will do it again. I am not just helping myself but I am helping everyone get something out of it on there first week of sign ups. Then we will tackle the next 50 and do the same for those people that Join. That is the reason for team work and being a leader.  And that is the reason for helping people as well cause we all want the same things but we all go about it differently. This is my blog of the day and this is why it is important to me!!! Hope everyone has a beautiful day.