Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Is REVVNRG so important to me and my family now.

We all have things that are important to us at all times. We express these things through communication like writing, videos, and talking. Well I have many things that are important to me and REVVNRG is one of them. The reason why it is important to me is that I see a future that can be endless. With REVVNRG they have established connections in certain countries but not all. So the market for REVVNRG is endless cause with the other countries not opened as of yet is potential people that can make money in those countries once opened. That is the reason why I am in REVVNRG cause you can have 1000's of people under you and they have thousands of people under them to where everyone is making a profit right from there own doorstep. The only thing is you need to know is how to run a computer, Know how to advertise your business. Know how to communicate with these people and keep that friendship. And you have a lead, a partner, and a friendship that will last if you take the right building materials to make it last. And that is because REVVNRG makes it a point in telling all of there new affiliates That to get business with people you must make a friendship with them. To make it a team and to work it as a team. To become a leader to them so they can do the same thing you do.  If you are given the right steps with anything your steps are easy. I am here to help any individual that will take the time to listen and likewise back to them. I am not about me. Cause I will never go anywhere if I did that with REVVNRG. But that is why REVVNRG is so important to me. Cause you get a healthy energy drink and you also get to get a great person to teach you how to build your team and to be there for you when you need the help. My Uplink Davy Spurlock is a great teacher and has helped me a lot. That is why I stick with REVVNRG and I am here to stay and build my team not just for me but for everyone as long as they put a effort into it as well. So everyone can have a down line. I am also excepting new recruits on Facebook. My link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/108739845939961/

Once we hit 50 people We will start the down line. Everyone will get 4 people to there downline. once all 50 people have been used in the down line we will do it again. I am not just helping myself but I am helping everyone get something out of it on there first week of sign ups. Then we will tackle the next 50 and do the same for those people that Join. That is the reason for team work and being a leader.  And that is the reason for helping people as well cause we all want the same things but we all go about it differently. This is my blog of the day and this is why it is important to me!!! Hope everyone has a beautiful day.

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