Monday, August 20, 2012

The Reason why I started my own business with REVVNRG

The biggest reason why I started my own business with REVVNRG is that I am always on the road away from my Family. And that as I get older my kids grow older and I miss so much of there lives. I lose the connection with my wife. That is the biggest reason why I chose to make a difference with my life by joining REVVNRG. The hardest thing in life is to be away from your family. I have been in the construction trade for 13 yrs now. Been doing Retail Construction for the last 10 yrs now. I want to have a change and that change is my business. I have been in the business for on 3 months now. I haven't made anything at it yet. But all businesses take time. But that is not the only reason why I stay in the business of REVVNRG. I take the product everyday, And I feel healthier by taking the Products of REVVNRG. The Product I deal with are Healthy Energy Drinks. The drinks consists of all natural ingredients that help with weight loss, mental clarity, viruses, stress, has antioxidants, vitamins, and gives you 1250 ORAC. which most people don't even get in one setting. But I got into my business so my kids would have a taste of freedom that My wife and I never had. Thanks for reading. Will post more on this tomorrow.What I do for my business is for them not myself.

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