Thursday, September 6, 2012

What does it mean to me to be a affiliate of REVVNRG

Well what it means to me is that I get to try all the products that come out. I get them at wholesale.  I get great compensation with REVVNRG. Plus I get added bonuses as a group and as a individual. Plus if you get up in rank they will give you free money, car allowance, paid trips. There is many possibilities that this company helps you. It means working as a team and being there for your people that are under you. you are only as good as the person under you. They are what brings your talent out and they follow suit. Cause they see you as a leader and want to be just like you. If you have passion, heart and a soul for what you do. People will follow you cause they will have the same things. That is the reason why I am a Affiliate of REVVNRG. I am my own boss, I help others achieve the same thing, I am there for my team, and we all want something out of life. For me it is to be home with my family.

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